Terms & Condition

1. The booking of the Banquets Hall, a day reckoned from 2 Am to midnight.

2. The dates provisionally allotted shall get automatically confirmed only after realization of the amount of the cash/Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay order/RTGS/NEFT, as the case may be followed by our stamped receipt and in case the amount of the instrument is not realized, the dates allotted shall get automatically cancelled, Service tax as applicable will be extra on the gross amount.

3. The changes paid as mentioned above, for the BALLROOM, CRYSTAL AND GRAND hall shall not be refundable and the dates shall not be changeable or transferable. However, if the booking is cancelled in writing by the client for unavoidable reasons within a minimum of 30 days prior to the dates of the event, 50% of the charges paid shall be refunded irrespective of the fact that banquet hall is allotted to any other person / client on the dates for which the booking is cancelled by the client. The client shall have no other claim against the Banquet hall.

4. If the booking of the hall is done within or less than 30 days of the event, thereafter if the cancellation requested, the entire booking charges of the hall paid by the client will be forfeited.

5. The client shall, place with the hall –in-charge a caution deposit of Rs- 40,000/- per day floor for the period of the banquet hall, adjustable towards the cost of utensils that may be missing damage of utensils, damages of kitchen equipment’s ( if used ) any other damage of property, charges of consumption of the electricity , generator charges , service tax etc, payable by the client , one week in advance . It will be the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the payment of caution deposit: Note: In case of failure by the client to pay the same before the event , the client will not be permitted to use the facility of the BALLROOM , CRYSTAL AND GRAND hall.

6. Cooking should be organized only in the kitchen and at no other place. Vegetarian food alone should be prepared, served /consumed in the premises. No alcoholic liquor should either be served or consumed and no obscene dances shall be held in the premises. Use of tobacco, smoking and spitting in any place of the premises is strictly prohibited.

7. Usage of plastic disposable items is banned at RISA BANQUETS as per the rules of the Tamil Nadu pollution control Board.

8. The premises to be kept neat and clean by the client. The client will not misuse or damage the flooring : superstructures mold works or any other articles, the properties of the Banquet Hal, which is under control of the hall –in-charge.

9. The applicant shall take care of his/her articles, baggage’s etc .., and those of his / her invitees , the management and staff of RISA BANQUETs are not liable for any loss , theft or damage of them . The applicant is permitted to engage their own security personnel of safeguarding their personal belonging at their own risk and after due intimation to banquet hall in writing. 10. The applicant hall make arrangement to ensure orderly parking of vehicle at the place designated for the purpose and adhere strictly to the routes for movement of vehicles at their own risk.

11. Electrical connections and works are to be handled only by electrician authorized by the management of the Banquet Hall.

12. Details of any Contactor engaged by the applicant for catering, internal decoration, etc., Shall be furnished to the Banquet Hall three days before they start the work to ensure that they adhere to the instruction of the Banquet Hall in such matters.

13. The applicant shall make arrangements to ensure orderly that unauthorized persons do not gain entry into Banquet Premises.

14. The applicant shall manage to remove all his / her articles from the banquet hall as early as possible on the expiry of the booked period. The other agencies arrange by him also remove their fittings etc., immediately after the event.

15. The Banquet Hall reserves its right of inspection of the halls at any time through its authorized representatives. 16. The applicant shall and over all the articles entrusted to him / her at the of his / her occupation of the Banquet Hall, immediately on completion of the booked period , In the same condition that was entrusted to him / her earlier.

17. No nail should be driven in the walls while doing the decoration in the halls on the stage. No posters should be pasted are fixed inside the halls, In the campus and also in the outer side of compound wall while conducting the functions. No structures can be brought inside the Banquet Hall purpose of decoration.

18. Display or use of firecrackers and any combustible materials is strictly prohibited in and around the promises. 19. The use of public address system outside the Banquet promises is strictly prohibited. Use of speaker, (audio & video) inside the premises is permitted up to 10 pm only.

20 . The banquet hall reserves its right to proceed against the applicant to recover any amount due from the applicant, if the amount exceeds the amount of deposit made by him / her in this regard.

21 . Our Banquet Hall is not liable for failure of service rendered, such as lighting, air condition, telecommunication, decoration lights, and generators , due to reasons beyond our control.

22 . Please ensure the marriage is registered as per rules, The client or his / her representative on behalf of the client signs this in token of acceptance of these